Learn Swimming for “Health, Pleasure and Safety”

One of the basic necessities of life is water. The habitation started and expanded around the water bodies to ensure availability of water. Civilizations developed around water and it forced the mankind to learn swimming for “Health, Pleasure and Safety” purposes. Now-a-days, swimming is a popular water sport activity which attracts the attention of masses through-out the world. Swimming as a sport has gained popularity with the passage of time, because the quest for speed gave new dimensions to swimming and has brought about revolutionary changes in the swimming style in the past two and half centuries and it is on the path of further advancements.

The improvement in swimming is brought about mainly by the refinement of technique.  The techniques used by the swimmers today are not to be considered ultimate refinement as the scope of improvement is always there.  No doubt, the application of the scientific methods and related allied disciplines of sports sciences like: Exercise Physiology, Kinesiology, Bio-mechanics, Kinentropometry, Sports Medicine and Sports Training are all contributory factors to refining the potentiality but on the other side the increased availability of infrastructure also enhanced the positive diversion of the society towards swimming.

Human being by nature acts to prove his potential, exploit his capabilities and has the urge to be best among the best. The efforts to improve upon the existing performance at a regular interval of time have given competitive nature to the sport. The competitive nature of the sport leads towards the scope of enhancement in performance at various levels in swimming. As a sport, swimming is usually distinguished from other aquatic sports such as diving, synchronized swimming, water polo and now even the open waters.

Swimming may be defined in simple terms as an aquatic sport  based on the human act of swimming, that is, locomotion in water by self propulsion, usually with the goal to complete a given distance in the minimum span of time or we may say to move through water by working body, limbs, legs, arms, fins etc.; to move progressively  through  water; float on or at surface of water.

Swimming is a lifetime sport that benefits the body and as the person in total. Swimming is a healthy activity and contributes the health & wellbeing of an individual.

Swimming is a great form of exercise, magnificent workout, which has been found to be not only beneficial for the human body, but also perfect for relaxing the mind of the person undertaking it. Now with the availability of all season’s pools, it serves as an excellent exercising/ workout choice, which helps you burn off calories, while cooling down your body in summers. Swimming provides you the best of both worlds. On one hand, it provides the cardio benefits of running and on the other hand, it paves way for you to achieve weight training, stamina & strength building benefits. Regular swimming builds endurance, muscle strength and cardio-vascular fitness. It can serve as a cross-training element to your regular workouts. Through Pranayama in yoga we learn to control the vital or breathing, similarly swimming also helps you to regulate breathing.

Increased sense of self-worth through their participation in the sport.

The list of swimming health benefits is really extensive, making the most sought after aerobic exercise in demand these days.

So, learn swimming for “Health, Pleasure and Safety” and lead healthy, happy and a more meaningful life.

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