Reading- Let the thoughts marinate in the mind

What will reading do to you? Well! To begin with, it will ignite your thought processes. How? The material that you select will form the basis of your indulgence with reading. Let’s assume that you pick on light general article related to travel or fashion or even gossip. So, how will reading it benefit you? To answer that, certain tried and tested outcomes are being presented to you for you to savor them. See which one seems to be the closest to you!

1. Reading is Empowering:
It is interesting how while reading some material, the Self gets completely immersed in an ocean of thoughts and before you can realize, your own interpretation of the situations gets unleashed. In some ways, it nurtures a sense of strength and fuels self worth ’cause there isn’t anyone to correct your thoughts! While reading, what YOU think is most certainly right, becomes a norm for you, and makes you feel worthy. It’s a great boost to your ego!

2. Reading Advances Knowledge:
Just the basic act of selecting something to read, initiates you to progress from where you are! In the way, it facilitates the expansion of perspectives. This, in turn, ensures that you’re ready to being exposed to multiple views on an issue that you’ve chosen to read. The act of silently reading the chosen piece provides you with different viewpoints which willy nilly become a part of your frame of reference. And next time you are with your friends discussing issues around your read piece, you can throw some overviews and gather compliments for your insightfulness!

3. Reading is Therapeutic:
Reading makes you forget your present and transports you to a land which is owned by you and just you! As an experiment, start reading any article and experience yourself being taken away from the clutches of dogmatism into a space that makes you feel at ease and engrossed. It helps you visualize, imagine, stretch your boundaries, reach out to your inordinate thoughts without getting thwarted for the same! Hence, allowing for the free flow of these ideations inculcates newer ideas, generate visions, create avenues of progress. And, it seems as though someone has pressed your ‘refresh’ button! Try and experience it for yourself!

Will reading make me go through these experiences? What if I don’t enjoy reading?To respond to that, I would like to throw open a challenge. As a trial session, read for 15 minutes a day, any article of your choice. Continue this for a span of 8 consecutive days. Watch out for the ninth day. You’ll automatically stretch out to pick up something to read. That’ll answer your question ‘what will reading do to me?’

At the end, I’d like to suggest that read something positive each night before going to bed, so that the last thought in your mind marinates for next eight hours, to make the morning sunshine brighter for you!

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