Ways of Embracing Life

As we all know that life is in constant state of change and recognizes the impermanence of life.

There is a term “WABI SABI” used by Japanese that describes the beauty to be found in imperfection. This term was originated by Japanese artists who will often leave subtle fractures in the vase or a rough surface on a bowl as a reminder of wabi-sabi nature of life.

One of my painter friend told me,“ I always feel that all my pictures has one or the other flaw. It reminds me that I am not perfect, only God is.”

Wabi-Sabi doesn’t mean settling for less than what you deserve and it doesn’t mean you should not work to improve your situation. Instead it is about balance and contentment rather than striving for unattainable. It encourages us to accept our own flaws as well.

So we are not perfect parents and our kids aren’t perfect either. Congratulations!  Welcome to the Human race.

But we all are perfecting. On a lighter vein “Who wants to be perfect anyway.”

How boring that would be!!

To embrace imperfection, we all should repeat

I am good enough ; I do enough ; I am beautiful enough;


3 ways to embrace imperfection:

  1. Accept that we are humans and don’t know everything and can make mistakes.
  2. Do not be judgemental about your mistakes. Give others space to be imperfect without being critical.
  3. Learn to laugh at yourself.


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