Get Rid of Constipation with These Simple Recipes and Tips

Many people approach the doctors or dieticians saying that they are suffering from constipation and need some recipe or medication. Constipation is defined as a condition in which there is difficulty in clearing the bowels usually associated with hardened feces. Everyone goes through this phase sometimes in their lifetime, but when it occurs on a regular basis it is said to be chronic constipation.

Many reasons for constipation are irregular eating habits, irregular meal timings, not enough fiber in diet, insufficient water intake and physical inactivity. So, taking sufficient water and fiber in diet and maintaining a good lifestyle are important for maintaining a good health otherwise also.

Tip: Including sufficient amounts of fruits, vegetables and whole grains in daily diet would ensure inclusion of enough fiber and other important micronutrients required for the proper digestion and bowel clearance.

Tip: Apart from following a proper diet, minimum 8 ounce or 2.5-3 liter of water daily along with minimum of 20 minutes of physical activity daily is an important component for a healthy lifestyle.

However, sometimes, in spite of all precautions one may suffer from constipation and need some immediate solutions.

Some foods and recipes that are helpful in relieving constipation and that help clearing the bowel are:

  1. Lemon in lukewarm water with honey, taking this on a regular basis helps to clear the bowels easily.
  2. 1 spoon roasted Ajwain with hot milk before going to bed.
  3. Papaya with milk: churning papaya with hot milk and taking it before bed is a very effective recipe for relieving from constipation.
  4. Similarly, dates churned and boiled with milk are very helpful, when taken before bed.
  5. Beans are very high in fiber and helpful in cleaning the bowels fast. The best way to include them is to make a mixed veggies soup with lots of beans, carrots, spinach, tomatoes and ginger. The vegetables should be eaten along with the soup water and not grinded for maximum effect.
  6. Homemade Nuts and seeds powder 1 spoon daily with luke warm water before bed time. Look for our nuts and seeds recipe at

Tip: Apart from this taking 500 ml of lukewarm water daily early in the morning, either with lemon and honey or plain is very helpful. Also, drinking warm water through the day, during the period one is suffering from constipation is also of great help.

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