Mahabalipuram famous for Shore temple Shivam & It’s tall Gopuram


Port city of Pallavas
Rocks carved into Pancha Rathas
Cave sanctuaries called Mandapas



For the prayers of every bridal’s Costume,
Is the nearby world famous silks
of Kanchipuram




Heading south from Chennai
Sighting all beautiful pennai
Who were guarded by their
not so cute Annai




On my way I relished on tangy
Rasam & tasty Tair Saadam
At the shores of beach




Crusing on ECR,
On my hunky Yamaha R
Fresher the sea side breeze are
Makes you forget minds all bizarre





Touching my head to the huge
Getting the blessings of lord Shivam
From inside I feel calm.


There I met my best friend Selvam
He welcomed me with a Vanacom
& Served me prawns curry with Idiappam
Satisfied my tummy screamed Sharanam

This is my memories of Mamallapuram

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