13 Correct ways of feeding your young one…

  1. Breastfeeding should be minimum 6 months & Maximum 2 years.
  2. Till 6 months only breastfeed is sufficient to feed the infant. It has got all the nutrients which a baby requires.
  3. Start weaning diet(solid food) from 6 months onwards.
  4. Weaning should be given in purées form that includes fruit and vegetables, like apple and pear or potato and carrot or sweet potato. Ripe well mashed banana can go down well, too.
  5. When starting solid foods, give your youngone one new food at a time—not a mixtures (such as cereal and fruit or eggs together). Give the new food for 3-5 days before adding another new food. This way you can get to know what foods your baby may be allergic to or can’t tolerate.
  6. Don’t use salt or sugar or any other spices when making homemade infant foods.
  7. Iron rich foods or cereals should be given to the young one for atleast 1.5 years of age. Iron rich cereals are also available in market.
  8. Cow’s milk shouldn’t be added to the diet until your infant is more then 1.5 years of age. Always give full cream milk to the infant.
  9. Give full cream milk with spoon after 6 months, starting with 2-3 teaspoons initially and gradually increase the quantity.
  10. Avoid honey in any form for your child’s first year, as it can cause infant botulism.
  11. Start with cereals first and then give starchy vegetables and then you can add fruits, chicken, eggs  gradually.
  12. Don’t feed the baby with extra water until 6 months while they are on breast milk, they need extra water only when they start taking solid food.
  13. Do not over feed the infant. Do not push them, give only 1-2 spoons of solid food initially.

Taking care of the littleone is the most challenging thing for a mother, but also a very satisfying experience.

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