5 foods that help improve your child’s mental growth

Human brain performs complex set of functions, which include attention, memory, thinking, learning, and perception. Brain development is faster in the early years of life as compared to the rest of the body. There is an ever increasing number of studies and researches, which suggest a connection between foods (nutrients) and their effect on brain function. Nutrients provide the building blocks and play a critical role in cell multiplication, DNA synthesis, neurotransmitter and hormone metabolism, and are also important constituents of the enzyme systems in the brain.

Exclusive breast feeding during the first 6 months of life has a positive effect on the overall development of children and to have a better brain and muscle coordination, higher intelligence quotient and better problem solving skills. Weaning after the age of 6 months is important in order that the child must get nutrients beyond the breast milk, which are important for the child’s brain and neuro-behavioral development.

So what are the foods that assist in optimal brain development, also improve intelligence and have an impact on his/her social behavior?


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