Facts about full cream milk/ whole milk

Whenever we go to buy packaged milk, first thing that comes to our mind is which milk we should buy a full cream milk or a tonned milk or a double tonned milk.

What do you think which milk is better, or do you even actually know the difference between all?

  • The difference between all the different types of milk is it’s fat percentage.
  • Packaged Milk is available in 4 different forms, i.e whole milk/ full cream milk with 3.2% of fat, reduced milk/tonned milk with 2% of fat, low fat/double tonned milk with 1% of fat, and last is fat free/ skim milk with almost negligible fat%.
  • This is not all, milk fat is not the only difference between all. Infact full cream milk is the most unadulterated form and is packed with essential nutrients such as fat soluble vitamins. The degree of milk adulteration and decrease in nutrients increases when the fat % decreases but this doesn’t make full cream milk a hero.
  • Whole milk/full cream milk is best suited for children between the age group of 1.5-5 years. It is well digested by children as compared to adults because they have the enzyme lactase which digest lactose in milk. Enzyme lactase stops being produced after the age of 5 years.
  • What happens when milk sugar remains undigested…

No lactase– undigested milk sugar (lactose)—ends up in colon– fermentation occur– gas produced– causes cramping, bloating,nausea, diarrhea 

  • People think why dietician always suggest to take tonned milk, the reason is it is better diegsted by most of the population and by all age group except children.
  • Due to high % of saturated fat in full cream milk, it should be taken in moderation by heart patients.
  • Facts say that 65% of adults have some degree of difficulty in digesting the lactose found in milk.
  • Adults only who enjoy whole milk and are able to digest it easily can drink it in moderation as long as they make it a part of their balanced diet.
  • Also if in case you get diarrhoea frequently then it’s better to avoid full cream milk.
  • All vitamin D supplements must be consumed with full cream milk as it is a fat soluble vitamin and does not get absorbed in its absence.

So , next time when you go to market to buy milk just keep these few things in mind.

Why should children be given full cream milk?

Children below the age group of 5 years can be given full cream milk as the saturated fats present in the milk are important for brain development and this is the period when maximum brain development happens. Therefore, it is a good practice to give young children full cream milk for proper brain development.

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