Is Green Tea good for Immunity?

Proper functioning of the immune system is essential for the body to fight against many diseases, mainly those caused by microorganisms and their toxins and also some chronic diseases. The positive effects of green tea on the immune system have been accepted by the Eastern cultures for centuries, especially the Chinese and the Japanese. For a few decades, the Western cultures are also accepting the link between green tea and improved immunity, due to the recent researches in the area of positive effects of green tea on health.

Main key nutrient contained in Green tea is catechin, that consists of epicatechin (EC), epigallocatechin (EGC), EC gallate and EGC gallate (ECGC). These catechins in green tea confer the main health and immunomodulatory benefits in humans. These catechins act as antioxidants, are anticancer, antifungal and antivirus. These also positively effect both the innate and acquired defensive abilities of a person.

One Laboratory study has suggested that drinking up-to a minimum of 2 cups of green tea may help kill influenza viruses.

To minimize the bitter taste and maximize the benefits of green tea, steep green tea leaves in just-below-boiling water, for two minutes. Addition of lemon and honey is also recommended, as they not only improve taste, reduce bitterness but also add to the beneficial effects of green tea. Whereas, addition of milk should be avoided as the milk protein bind with the catechins and make them ineffective.

The powerful anti-oxidants in green tea also help to regulate weight and blood sugar levels, help in fat-burning and increase the detoxification process. Due to its anti-oxidant properties, green tea helps the body get rid of the harmful free-radicals, which are basically the compounds that are responsible for causing many diseases.

Drinking green tea, therefore, is a safe way of improving and maintaining one’s immunity and stimulating good health. It not only makes you healthier, it also makes you look younger, (by fighting the cell inflammation and slowing the ageing of the cells), it makes you smarter (by improving brain health and memory) and makes your smile brighter (by destroying the bacteria that cause dental caries).

So, Enjoy that cup of green tea for Good Health!

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