Role of Diet in the Treatment of Fibroids

Uterine fibroids are common non- cancerous tumours, that generally develop in women during the reproductive age. (for more information on fibroids read – Fibroids- Not Always Notorious; on The cause of the fibroids is not well-understood, but lifestyle factors such as diet, physical activity and mental stress, all have an effect on both, the prevention and the treatment of fibroids.

A balanced diet, proper physical activity and effective stress management have negative correlation with the development of fibroids and positive effect on the prevention/treatment of fibroids. (for more information read -Exercise and stress management techniques for Fibroids, on Healthy lifestyle and diet will help sooth the symptoms of fibroids. Whatever the primary treatment strategy, whether surgery or medicine, following a diet plan and a regular exercise regime is crucial and goes a long way in alleviating the symptoms and support the treatment process.

Hormonal imbalances are normally associated with fibroids and are the cause of most symptoms that occur during the menstrual cycles such as pain, heavy and long-lasting periods, etc. A balanced diet helps to balance the hormones, reduce the possibility of obesity (obesity increases risk of hormonal imbalance), helps to retard or prevent growth of fibroids and also reduce cellular inflammation which can worsen the fibroids.

Hormone of importance here is mostly oestrogen, whose imbalance mainly causes the problems associated with fibroids. The diet should therefore aim to balance oestrogen by either eliminating or detoxing from diet the excess oestrogen. This can be achieved with a diet that supports the liver functions, boosts the gut health and helps to decrease cellular inflammation.

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