Detox-Diet Plan One weeks Plan


Single counselling: Rs 800             One weeks Plan Rs 1500



What is detoxification:

  • Our bodies produce free radicals or toxins, which are the normal by-products of the day to day metabolic processes.
  • The load of free radicals in the body also increases due to the pollution and use of alcohol, smoking and drugs (medicinal or otherwise).
  • Moreover, the production of free radicals increases due to lack of sleep and increased stress and strain of today’s lifestyle.
  • This increased burden of free radicals in the body is responsible for many chronic, lifestyle diseases such as obesity, Diabetes type 2, etc.
  • Cleaning or detoxification of the system at regular intervals reduces the load of free radicals and thus, development of the chronic diseases.


  • A special detox diet plan is formulated based on the assessment of the lifestyle an individual follows and based on the individual requirements.
  • The diet could be followed for a single day at a time or for a week, depending on the individual requirement.

What to expect:

  • What is expected is to achieve the cleansing of the systems off free radicals or the toxins and reducing the load on the kidneys and liver.
  • It also helps to maintain the electrolyte balance and improve hydration in the body cells.
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