Weight Gain


Rs 2000 for one month
Rs 5000 for 3 months
Rs 9000 for 6 months

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Why gaining weight is important:

  • Most people who have a weight which is not in accordance to their height, age and gender, suffer from associated deficiency disease and their symptoms.
  • With our diets we ensure not only weight gain for such individuals but also strive to relive the symptoms and improve body’s nutrient pool.


  • We first understand the individual lifestyle, age and gender specific nutrient requirements through one to one on line discussions and dialogue.
  • Then a diet plan is prepared which is suitable to individual preferences, food choices, habits and lifestyle, ensuring nutrient sufficiency to reduce the deficiencies.

What to expect:

  • What is expected out of these diet plans which are changed often is ensuring alleviating the symptoms related to deficiencies and weight gain to the tune of 1 kg per week, if the plans are followed as discussed.
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