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Why lose weight:

  • Increased weight or obesity is associated with many health issues such as increased BP, Diabetes type 2, hyper-lipidemias, indigestion, PCOD in women, mood disturbances etc. apart from affecting the quality of life.
  • Obesity not only affects physically but also effects emotionally and has an impact on one’s social life as well.


  • We at Healthynudgez first understand your needs; physical, emotional and social.
  • Make personalized diet plans which suit your lifestyle including foods of your choice, matching them to your nutritional requirements as per age, gender and physical activity.
  • The diet charts are changed on a regular basis so as to avoid stagnancy of weight and monotony of routine.

What is expected:

  • What we expect to achieve is weight loss of about 1-1.5 kgs per week, if the diet plans given are followed properly.
  • Our regular follow-up sessions ensure compliance of the diet plan and changes as and when required.
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