Nutri Chikki

June 8, 2018 Ms. Payal Johry 0

Energy bars are a portable and fast option when it comes to taking food in situations in which you cannot afford to give much time […]

Super Food Grape

May 23, 2018 Ms. Payal Johry 0

Regular consumption of Grapes in combination of lemon & black salt can help in preventing osteoporosis Studies suggest that diet rich in fruits, vegetables and […]

Banana Flower Vada

March 31, 2018 Ms. Payal Johry 0

Highlights: Mocha is the Bengali name of “banana blossom”. Yummy Banana flower cutlet is good for evening snacks lunch box or picnic snack, otherwise as you […]

Pineapple Raita

January 18, 2018 Ms. Payal Johry 0

Highlights : A perfect side dish or as a post dinner dessert. A sweet, refreshing raita , made with fresh pineapple. Add pomegranate to make […]