Fibroids- Not Always Notorious

Do we really need to blame fibroids? No, fibroids are not always notorious.

The perimenopausal period (38-45 years, can be variable), is the most demanding period in a woman’s life, from the health point of view.

She has to face challenges- be it physical health, mental health or emotional health.

Within her body, she struggles with wavering hormones and on the outside with the uprising hormones of her teenage children.

All these can have a negative impact on her health.

Disturbed hormonal levels lead to menstrual disturbances and become the foremost reason to visit the Gynaecologist.

The usual protocol of investigation is few hormonal tests and an ultrasonography.

More than often an ultrasound examination reveals a finding called FIBROID. Definitely, very common to hear now-a-days.

Fibroids- Do we really need to blame fibroids always for the menstrual disturbances? The real culprit is often the hormonal disturbance and the poor fibroids are targeted.

Fibroids are, most of the time well-behaved tumours. Well behaved because they are loudly non-cancerous (99% times), mostly non-symptomatic, often do not grow at rapid pace (unless malignant, changes occur rarely). However, fibroids can be naughty and nasty too, especially if they are very large.

Fibroids may go un-noticed completely unless they start producing symptoms or they are diagnosed during ultrasound examination.

They may range in size to as small as a seed to larger than grapefruit. They may exist alone as or be multiple.

Commonly experienced symptoms of fibroids are:

  • Heavy and long-lasting periods
  • Painful periods
  • Spotting in between the periods
  • Backache
  • Urinary symptoms
  • Constipation
  • Infertility

There are certain risk factors associated with fibroids, like:

  • Reproductive age, 30-50 years. The perimenopausal period can aggravate the condition.
  • Obesity
  • Genetic predisposition
  • Faulty diet
  • Alcohol
  • Early menarche (that is early onset of periods)

Management of Fibroids:

  • Proper medical advice is mandatory
  • Medical treatment depends on the severity of symptoms and varies from patient to patient
  • In the non-surgical approach, medication is given to correct the hormonal imbalance. Hormonal imbalance alone can lead to menstrual disturbances and can also lead to fibroid formation
  • If fibroids are large and producing serious symptoms, surgical intervention is required.
  • Surgery can be myomectomy,e. only the fibroid is removed and the uterus is saved; or hysterectomy, where the entire uterus is removed.

Patients find it very convenient to po-up pills for their ailments, what they do not realize is that:

There is a lot that can be done by them for their bodies, Medical treatment targets only the disease, but when we start working for our bodies, the approach is HOLISTIC and so are the results.

DIET, PROPER EXERCISES, MEDITATION, STRESS FREE LIFE, all have a large impact on our hormones.

Let’s understand how:


  • A balanced diet helps to balance the hormones which will ease the symptoms of fibroids and reduce the risk of fibroids
  • Certain foods help decrease oestrogen levels which will retard the growth of fibroids
  • Balanced diet helps in weight reduction. Obesity increases oestrogen levels in the body which increase fibroids
  • Foods with high glycemic index, refined foods and sugars all lead to cellular inflammation and can worsen the fibroids.

(for more information read – Role of Diet in the Treatment of Fibroids, on


Yogasnas and other forms of exercises have a definite role in balancing the hormones and correct the pathology.


A strong will power to heal, focus and a positive attitude towards the ailment really help to cope up with the medical ailment. The best way is to adopt Meditation. Meditation is a path to stress free lifestyle.

(for more information read -Exercise and stress management techniques for Fibroids, on

We need to understand that proper diet, exercise, yoga

, meditation have multiple benefits and will rectify so many occult malfunctions of the systems which are yet to manifest. So, a fibroid cab be a wake-up call to a healthier life.

Isn’t it? So, let’s smile at the fibroids and get into action.

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