Bhadrasana-Exercise to Reduce Thigh, Hip Fat


Bhadrasana is asana for lower extremities. It exercises the unused or less used muscles of the thighs pelvic organs and groin area.

It is a very simple but very effective pose for our lower extremities i.e Bhadrasana also known as throne pose.

Our emotional mental and spiritual well being totally depends on our physical well being.

Since body mind and spirit are connected. Good health supports mental sharpness and clear thinking. There is a famous quote which says “Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live in”

Thus practice of asana renders the body a worthy seat of spiritual experience.

Most of the poses or asanas are imitation of birds’ animals and surrounding things eg. Mayurasna depicts peocock, gomukhasana depicts cow and Bhadasana depicts throne.

Instructions to do the asana:

  • Sit on the floor with the legs fully stretched out.
  • Now draw both the legs nearer to the body, keeping the legs in contact with the floor, with the knees bent outward and the soles of the feet together, inhale bringing the soles close to generative organs, the heels touching the perineum very closely.
  • Now place the hands on the respective knees pressing them down and hold the pose for 10 seconds.
  • Exhale and return to the starting position the legs stretched out.
  • Repeat without pause, remembering always to keep the upper part of the body and the neck erect.
  • Give slow butterfly movements by slightly lifting the knees and pushing them down. This helps in increasing the flexibility in the hip joint.

Adjust the movements as follows:

  • drawing the heels close to perineum, inhalation 3 seconds;
  • maintain pose, hold the breath, 3 seconds and
  • stretch the legs to original position, exhalation, 2 seconds.

Repeat 4 movements in a minute.


People suffering from the below mentioned physical problems should avoid performing Bhadrasana.

  1. Severe arthritis.
  2. Slip disc.
  3. Injuries or surgeries of back, legs or knees.
  4. Initially it might give some stretch in urogenital region but with regular practice, this can be overcome.


  1. Bhadrasana is a conditioning asana and helps one prepare for future action.
  2. It calms the mind and brings about feelings of groundedness.
  3. It activates the root or mooldhara chakra.
  4. It strengthens the thighs, hips and buttocks.
  5. It is good for developing flexibility of the legs.
  6. It activates the reproductive organs.
  7. It improves and supports digestion.
  8. It is an excellent posture for meditation.
  9. It increases concentration and quietens the mind.


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