Conscious relaxation – SHAVASANA

As the life these days has become stressful and ways which we know to relax do not give much relaxation.  Even the sleep that is required to provide  relaxation , is not sufficient and not generally a sound sleep.

Given the hustle bustle of life we need to relax consciously. In yoga we have an amazing technique to do so. It is called Shavasana. “Shav” means dead body or corpse. So it is also called corpse pose. During this pose we have to be as still as a dead body – no movement at all.

Procedure :

  • Lie down on the back.
  • Feet approx. 2-2½  feet apart.
  • Hands apart from the body say about 8-10 inches. Palms should be facing the ceiling.
  • The body should be aligned straight.
  • Once one is comfortable then there should be no movement in the body.

Imagine yourself in a beautiful garden. Follow normal rhythmic breathing.

Start by getting your attention to the tip of your toes and relax them, now relax your ankles, knees, thighs, arms, anus, reproductive organs, naval, stomach, heart, neck, lips, tip of the nose, eyes, space between your eyebrows, forehead and finally head. Your full body is relaxed now.

Do this for 5-7 minutes.

Slowly bring back your consciousness to your body and make subtle movement of hands and legs.

Bring your legs together and making a pillow of your hand turn to one side and rest. Taking support of your hands turn to one side and sit up in cross legged position without opening your eyes. Cup your eyes with your palm and slowly open your eyes.

Shavasana gives a feeling of relaxation and peacefulness.

The technique of Shavasana can be practiced whenever we feel fatigued and tired. It not only relieves the body from physical strain in a short time but also quietens the mind. This asana also eases muscular and nervous tension, calms the person, makes silence and concentration easy and thus contributes greatly to ones peace of mind.

There is no limits to its frequency and the length of its practice but rather governed by individual requirement.

This is also known as partial relaxation wherein conscious attention is drawn to sixteen vital zones of the body also known as marmasthanani by paying attention to each part of the body separately.

FAQ’s Answered:

Q: What if we fall asleep while doing it?
A: Yes, it might happens at times if you are tired. But we must try to do this asna consciously.
Q: Can we do it after meals?
A: Advisable to go for a walk then relax and after some time do it.


People with low B.P. and depression please avoid it.

Please keep practicing Shavasana to manage your life in a stress-free and happy way!

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