Do You Think GOD Needs Coconut to be Broken to be Kept Happy?


The reason for breaking a coconut is simple.

Observe the coconut.

It looks like head and a face.

A round strong head and below that  two eyes and a mouth.

Long time ago, Hindus observed that they weren’t able to provide a living sacrifice to their Gods due to the pain and negativity involved with it. It was then decided to use the coconut fruit as its replacement which made excellent alternative due to presence of a face upon it and also because the milk and the white kernel is not polluted due to the hard outer shell.

By breaking a coconut in front of God is actually trying to tell “This is my head and here I have broken it as a surrender and respect to you.”

Life is nothing but thoughts generated from brain – happiness, unhappiness, likes, dislikes, anger, fear greediness etc. Breaking a coconut means… I have broken my head …. which means no more mind of my own, no more thoughts….no more ego…. thus total surrender.

Breaking the coconut symbolizes the breaking of ego – the biggest thing coming in way of personal and spiritual development. It is a symbolic act of submitting oneself completely to the Almighty.

When we offer prayers to God, we are supposed to be in a state of humility. There are three layers of the coconut- its outer cover, husk inside and the shell. By cracking the shell, we show to God, the kernel inside it is clean and white as our soul.

Breaking the coconut means breaking the head which means to do away with ego, thoughts and all those tendencies that originate from the mind….small mind… and this small mind resides in the head and thus break the coconut. Only when the ego is smashed away one can taste the sweet untouched nectar of spiritual purity and bliss.

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