What Is The Right Age To Practice Yoga Asanas?

Yoga is a gift to humanity and should be started early in life.

Yoga is for everyone, irrespective of age and gender and as such there is no age bar in Yoga.

Yoga should ideally begin at an early age so kids can grow into well rounded individuals.

Yoga practice has huge effect on the body and systems. It also influences children’s emotions and behavior, since it has a positive effect on the mental state.

Children between age of 5 to 10 should be trained in meditative poses.

From age 10 up to 16 years, which is a period of intensive physical and mental growth, the youth should be encouraged to do daily systematic exercises. Yoga at this age will not only keep the adolescents stay healthy but will also bring discipline in their lives and will improve the concentration level.

Up to the age of 40 years there is no risk in following yoga asanas including complicated poses. It increases stamina, gives flexibility and prevents potential threats of physical disorders.

After middle age the need for daily exercise becomes even more imperative. Mild yoga asanas may be followed with regularity for normal functioning of the various organs of the body. It is a necessity and priority at this age  as Yoga helps fight several diseases like diabetes, hypertension , indigestion, back pain etc.

Elderly people should curtail rigorous physical yoga exercises but substitute it with stretching, simple pranayam and meditation.

Yoga is not only good for our physical well being but also instills truthfulness, gratitude, self-discipline.  Introduction of yoga at an early age gives lifetime of health and wellness of mind, body and soul.

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