Potato Love Bites

August 18, 2018 Ms. Payal Johry 0

Highlights: Can you resist them NO, “No one can eat just one’’ especially the kids. Super easy, super tasty, simple air fried/deep fried tea time […]

Soya Sattu Kebab

July 14, 2018 Ms. Payal Johry 0

Highlights: Soya is a best plant based protein food. Soya chunk kebab is nutritious and tasty recipe which would be perfect vegetarian starter or you […]

Oats Granola Bar

June 27, 2018 Ms. Payal Johry 0

Highlights A pocket-sized nutrient-rich bars that will help to silence your hunger pangs anytime of the day – during workouts, as midday snack or on-the-go […]

Nutri Chikki

June 8, 2018 Ms. Payal Johry 0

Energy bars are a portable and fast option when it comes to taking food in situations in which you cannot afford to give much time […]

Banana Flower Vada

March 31, 2018 Ms. Payal Johry 0

Highlights: Mocha is the Bengali name of “banana blossom”. Yummy Banana flower cutlet is good for evening snacks lunch box or picnic snack, otherwise as you […]

Pomegranate Smoothie

February 28, 2018 HN Editorial 0

Highlights: A smoothie which is high in fibre, calcium, proteins and antioxidants. It is best suited for diabetic patients and as a post workout meal […]

Pineapple Raita

January 18, 2018 Ms. Payal Johry 0

Highlights : A perfect side dish or as a post dinner dessert. A sweet, refreshing raita , made with fresh pineapple. Add pomegranate to make […]

Bone Health Drink

October 16, 2017 HN Editorial 1

Health benefits: This festive season give your bones a boost with this healthy drink. It’s a calcium rich drink Special Tips: • A great drink […]

Nutri Ladoo

October 16, 2017 HN Editorial 0

Health Benefits It is a sweet treat for the health conscious during the festival season. Good for cardiac patients, weight watchers, Renal patients and can […]

Eggless Wheat Cake

September 17, 2017 Dr Vandana Bhan 0

Highlights: A great in between snack for the vegetarians,  tasty treat for the children and pregnant and the lactating women. Special Tips: In between snack […]

Unshelled Pea Masala

September 11, 2017 HN Editorial 0

Highlights: High Fiber, high folate meal accompaniment good for Pregnant women and lactating mothers. Also good for children. Special Tips: Peas are high in K, […]

Pepper Chicken

September 11, 2017 Dr. Jyotsna Rajan 0

Highlights: A very tasty preparation good for people with diabetes, hyperlipidemia, renal disease, hypertensive and weight watchers Special tips:  Good dinner/Lunch Can be served with […]

Mango Quinoa Salad

September 11, 2017 Dr. Jyotsna Rajan 0

Highlights: A low calorie quick and tasty preparation, good as a breakfast substitute. Even good for weight watchers Special tips: One can enjoy the goodness […]