Certificate Course and Workshop on the Trends in Nutrigenomics

The workshop was a step towards spreading knowledge among Nutrition professionals regarding the upcoming trends in the field of Nutrition.

The workshop was held in Max Hospital Gurgaon, on the 3rd and 4th of Feb 2018 and was well attended, by around 35 dieticians from the Delhi NCR.

The training, was provided by Dr Usha S Jain, a Senior Counsellor – Medical Genetics & Patient Care with Xcelris Labs, India. Dr Usha has over 20 years of professional experience in the field and also in Counselling, Biotechnology & Psychotherapy. Dr. Usha Jain received her Master’s degree with specialization in Human Genetics from Delhi University. She pursued her PhD in Molecular Cytogenetics from AIIMS, New Delhi. She had her training abroad related to the molecular diagnosis of various triplet repeat disorders including the prenatal diagnosis. She was accompanied by Mr Deepak Pathak, from the International business development team, who is actively involved in the development of Genomics services in Asia, America, Europe and Middle East region.

The workshop started on the 3rd of Feb, with lamp lighting by Dr Rajiv Dang, Director & HOD – Internal Medicine & Medical Advisor Max Hospital, Gurgaon, along with Mrs Shashi Mathur, Director Dietetics, Park group of Hospitals; Mrs Anita Jatana, Chief Dietician Apollo Hospital; Dr Usha S. Jain, Senior Counsellor, Xcelris Labs Ahmedabad and Mrs Sunita Roy Chowdhury, Chief Nutritionist and Director, SS Guiding Stars Pvt Limited. Dr Rajiv Dang in his inaugural address to the attendees praised the efforts and said that such new advances in any field need to be propagated.

During the two-day workshop the topics covered were: DNA and other innovative technologies to decode the DNA Gene Structure, Expression and SNPs, Effects of SNPs to design customized diet and training (exercise) plan, Application of Nutrigenomics into the Holistic Nutrition Practice and review, Application of Genetic analysis for Athletic performance and customized training, Analysis of Genetic risk of comorbidities (Cardiac & elevated blood sugar) and discussion of case studies.


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Certificate Course and Workshop on the Trends in Nutrigenomics
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