All you should know about-DIABETES!!

WHO defines diabetes as “a chronic disease that occurs either when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or when the body cannot effectively use the insulin it produces”. Insulin is a hormone that regulates blood sugar levels.

The most common effect of diabetes is Hyperglycemia or increased blood sugar. Diabetes causes some serious health issues including blindness, kidney failure, vascular problem, stroke and other heart diseases.

Type 1 diabetes occurs when the body produces insufficient quantities of insulin. It is usually detected more in children.

Type 2 diabetes occurs when the body does not effectively use the insulin produced. This is very frequently due to lack of physical activity, obesity, or incorrect dietary habits and sometimes its genetic.

How big an issue do you feel diabetes have become for a country like India?

According to WHO Diabetes is one of their focused project as it can be  the 7th leading cause of death by the year 2030. The current population of people with diabetes is 387 million which will rise to 592 million by 2035. it affect one in 12 people and half of this population remain undiagnosed.  Current estimate (in 2015) of Diabetics in India is about 62 million people as compared to 50.8 million in 2011, which is an increase of over 10 million during this period.

Prevalence of pre-diabetes, constituting impaired fasting glucose (IFG) and impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) is also high in all parts of India

Obesity is one of the major risk factors for diabetes and the average Indian diet is rich in carbohydrates and saturated fats. A typical Indian diet has more calories and sugars than required by the body. This is the cause of obesity, which in turn leads to diabetes.

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