All you should know about-DIABETES!!

Do nutrition and food intake play a role in exposing a person to diabetes?

As mentioned above a diet rich in carbohydrates, processed sugary foods and fatty foods all predispose one to the risk of obesity and diabetes. Diabetes type 2 is mainly caused due to insulin “Resistance”.

Indians are consuming high amounts of sugar in foods like bread, pasta, rice, corn, potatoes, sodas, candy, junk food, cakes, cookies, ice cream etc.  Coupled with low physical activity leads to weight gain and insulin resistance. So,  the  pancreas needs to releases insulin to stabilize the blood sugar levels. And once the pancreas fails to produce enough insulin to counter act insulin resistance the blood glucose level rise and patient becomes diabetic.

Having a balanced diet is the key to diabetes prevention. Exercising regularly and maintaining an ideal body weight are major factors in the prevention of diabetes. Obese people are at an elevated risk of developing diabetes. Avoidance of alcohol and tobacco also considerably reduce the risk of developing diabetes.

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