All you should know about-DIABETES!!

Role of  better nutritional practices  in managing diabetes

The main focus in Diabetes is maintaining the blood sugar levels within the normal range (fasting between 80-110 mg/dl and random upto 180 mg/dl)

Including a variety of foods, fresh fruits(except high GI fruits) and vegetables, whole grains, good amount of protein foods and foods low in saturated fats, help to maintain the blood sugar levels to a large extent.  Equally important is to maintain an active life style.

Diabetes and depression are highly correlated, “nutrition and food intake also become a part of this vicious cycle”

Feeling blue

The two dominant hypotheses concerning the initial occurrence or recurrence of clinically significant depression in individuals with diabetes are as follows:

  • It results from biochemical changes directly due to the illness or its treatment and
  • It results from the psychosocial demands or psychological factors related to the illness or its treatment.

Nutrition and food intake as part of the vicious cycle:

Lack of physical activity, unhealthy eating, smoking and drinking, binge eating and diet of processed foods leads to Depression, lethargy, lack of motivation, mood swings and thus to poor diabetes management and diabetes complications.


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