10 Weaning ideas for the your baby at the 6th month

As per the WHO directive children need to be “breast fed exclusively” for the first 6 months of life. As your child reaches the 6th month of age, (s)he needs more than just breast milk nutrition. So, you need to introduce some foods at this time. The question is where to start and how? The best thing to do is to start with one food at a time and then introduce another after a few days of trying the first one for acceptance. The nutritional requirements at this age are vitamin C, iron, vitamin A and increased requirement of calories and proteins for growth and development. They also need saturated fats for proper brain development.

Some ideas of the foods you can choose from when you first stat weaning are:

  • Juices : orange, sweet lime, grapes, pomegranate
  • Roots puree: like beet, sweet potato, potato, carrots (all boiled and pureed)
  • Fruits puree : like stewed apple, stewed pear, stewed peach, sapota(chikoo), banana, mango, papaya, strawberry
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