12 Healthy Eating Practices All Parents Should Adopt

All parents want their children to be healthy, here is a guide as to how this can be achieved:

  • Plan sit-down meals and sit-down snacks- avoid eating on the run and constant access to food.
  • Avoid watching T.V while eating “Eating in front of the TV becomes a hand-to mouth thing and has little to do with hunger or the taste or awareness of food. Kids should eat only at the kitchen or dining room table. Plan family meals.
  • Keep only appropriate food around the house- Stock up the refrigerator and larder with fresh fruits, nuts, low fat snacks and healthy food.
  • Do not restrict children from their favorite foods, instead try making them at home by incorporating healthy ingredients for example multigrain bun for burger, mix vegetable or sprouts tikki, wheat noodles with lots of vegetables, baked potato fries etc.
  • Try to make finger snacks for the children, so that they won’t spill the food or it may get difficult for them to eat. Easy handy food help them eat a desired quantity for Example parantha or chappati rolls, sandwich, vegetables in ball or tikki form etc.
  • Have variety foods at meals and Pair familiar foods with unfamiliar ones, favorite with not-so-favorite.
  • Beware too much food restriction and pre-occupation with weight control should not be there. Remember foods are not good or bad. Moderation is important.
  • Watch what you drink- little calories through drinks are okay for children but restrict them from taking a lot of sugar calories by consuming regular sodas, fruit punch, juices, sweetened and sports drinks, instead substitute them with fresh juice, milk shakes, smoothies.
  • Increase fruit and vegetable intake“Make a vegetable tray at the beginning of the week and set the five a day challenge. Have them accessible in a ready to eat form.
  • Start with small helpings- Don’t be afraid to say “NO”. Provide alternatives if you say no.
  • Stress on the importance of breakfast.
  • Encourage physical activity and engage them in healthy active pass times.

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Candies, Chocolates, wafers are the joy of childhood
and every child should experience it. So, do not completely
keep them away from these little joys.

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