What to eat for breakfast if you want to have a productive day

A healthy breakfast boosts your metabolism, helps to reduce weight, improves concentration and keeps one satiated for a long time. The breakfast menu should have a combination of small amount good carbohydrates with lots of fiber and high protein, and also some amount of fat (can be saturated fat). Research shows that high fiber protein and fat consumed during breakfast is the key to avoiding over eating during the day.
Breakfast should provide about ¼th of the day’s calories, protein and fiber along with some vitamins and minerals. Inclusion of dairy products ensure sufficient calcium and protein in the meal and inclusion of whole cereals and vegetables, ensures not only sufficient calories but also group B vitamins and antioxidants to boost immunity.

Some healthy breakfast options are:
1. Oats with milk and nuts
2. Sprouted/germinated broken wheat with vegetables and cottage cheese
3. Sprouted Lentils with vegetables and fruits salad with corn or oats
4. Soya ragi Chapaties, vegetables and curd
5. Vegetable egg s/w with a fruit smoothie
6. Vegetable stuffed Chapatie with Curd
7. Vegetable cottage cheese s/w with apple milk shake/smoothie
8. Vegetables and peanut poha/upma/vermicili with curd
9. Curd besan and Semolina vegetable pancakes (cheela) with tomato chutney
10. Cottage cheese omelet with whole grain bread
11. Vegetable cottage cheese Idli with coconut chutney
12. Muesli and nuts with milk or curd

A small amount of white unprocessed butter can be used in the breakfast. Saturated fats improve brain function, concentration and boosts memory. These are easy to prepare breakfast options, keep one satisfied for long and give maximum nutrients. Nuts to consider here are almonds, walnuts and raisins. Avoid adding refined sugars or artificial sweeteners to breakfast, rather use dried fruits and nuts as natural sweeteners like dates and raisins or even small amounts of honey or brown sugar. If you have lactose intolerance use curd, homemade fruit yogurt and smoothies.
Do not eat fruits or juices along with breakfast. It is better to consume them in-between the meals and can be considered good mid day meal options.
Ready to eat breakfast options are better avoided. Instead use easy homemade breakfast recipes with vegetable, whole grains and dairy products like milk, curd, cottage cheese and eggs.


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