Myth about Plastic Rice

What do you understand by Plastic Rice??

Plastic rice are nothing but artificial rice that are coated with plastic and used as real rice. This was hiked in media some time back. Many complaint cases were registered regarding the supply of plastic rice. But nothing has been proved yet.

These plastic rice was first surfaced in China in 2010. The Wuchang rice are known for its unique aroma, is being exported to various nations. The Wuchang rice scandal, where Chinese officials reported a scam by companies who were using ordinary rice as premimum Wuchang rice by adding artificial flavors to it.

In last December, a report was submitted for huge shipment of “plastic rice” was seized in Nigeria, making it the first major impound shipment. Later the Nigeria, concluded there is no “plastic” thing was found in the shipment infact “the rice was contaminated with bacteria”, said the Nigeria’s National Agency For Food and Drugs.

The rumors for ‘plastic rice’ being supplied from China have  persisted in Hyderabad for almost a decade now, but the research on ‘plastic rice’ by the scientific community have concluded that there is no such thing.

Plastic rice news is spreading in India through social media and kerela media broadcasted  a series of reports with demonstrations of cooking the rice to prove it was plastic by burning the layer formed on the cooked rice.But there were no confirmed cases of large amounts of plastic chips being used as rice. “Plastic rice” is manufactured for use in shipping boxes, but the cost of that plastic chip would actually be more expensive than the real rice.

According to journalist Alexandre Capron of France 24’s, The observers, plastic rice is a myth and some people are deliberately sharing fake videos to encourage consumers to buy more locally grown rice. “The rumour is more popular in countries which are dependent on imported rice like Ivory Coast or Senegal,” he says. “The rumour is so, that governments are compelled to make statements… as to why there is no plastic rice.” As far as India is concerned the plastic rice has never been seized so far, though time and again there are many complaints being registered against such rice.

The researches says, Plastic rice is next to impossible to manufacture. The rice in India is being sold at Rs 40-Rs 50 per kg while if one has to buy plastic rice, the cost would be somewhere around Rs150-200 per kg. So, no companies would ready to make such fake rice which the consumer would never buy due to its much higher cost than the original rice

It is hence said to be a fake report or rumors.

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