Myth about Plastic Rice

Following tests would be helpful to find out this dangerous fake rice.

It is one of the easiest way to detect the originality of rice or is there any plastic present or not.

You need to take a small amount of rice and burn it using a matchstick. If plastic is present then it will melt and release the burnt plastic smell.

Plastic will be less dense than the original rice. So when one would perform the floating test or water test the plastic rice will float in the water due to its less dense nature and original rice will settle down at the bottom of the bowl.

While boiling a small amount of rice just observe whether the rice is forming a thick layer at the top of the pan or not. If yes then its plastic.

Take some rice into a pan and put boiling hot oil (at 200 degrees) over the rice. If it melt sand form a sticky layer at the bottom then its plastic rice.


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