Suggested Packed Lunch / Tiffin Options for School Going Children

Mothers go through a daily dilemma of planning a meal for children especially school going children. In order to provide options for daily menu dishes a few ideas are given as under:

  • Vegetable Pulao, tomato raita and a fruit
  • Boiled egg / veg / chicken sandwich (multi grain bread)
  • Methi / dal / Palak roti , curd (packed)
  • Dal ki roti , green veg, cucumber
  • Cheese / paneer sandwich and a fruit
  • Idli + coconut chutney or vegetable idli + tomato ketchup
  • Veg dalia, buttermilk, corriander & mint chutney
  • Lemon rice, sambhar,
  • Poha  & mint chutney and a fruit
  • Whole wheat pasta with vegs + cheese cube
  • French toast with chutney
  • Paneer Paratha with a fruit
  • Sprouts upma / sprout chat
  • Missi roti/parantha with vegs
  • Palak, Bathua, methi parantha with lemon pickle
  • Vegetable and peanut idli with coconut chutney
  • Paneer , Pea or Pulao, tomato raita and a fruit
  • Vegetable and nugget noodles
  • Rajma/ black channa / paneer low fat patty
  • Carrot burfi with green leafy veg parantha

Guidelines for parents of School going Children:

  • Do not skip breakfast – at least have milk, fruit & cereal
  • Carry a nutritious & interesting tiffin – avoid eating from outside
  • Avoid junk foods- limit it to weekends only
  • Have small frequent meals- 4-5 meals per day
  • Avoid fried & oily foods, some amount of unprocessed white butter is alright for children
  • Drink plenty of water & other fluids like fresh fruit juice, Lemon water (nimpu pani), Butter milk (chaach), Tender Coconut Water (nariyal pani) and Soups. Avoid aerated drinks and packaged juices
  • Include items from all foods groups like cereals, pulses & legumes, meat or dairy, milk & milk products, vegetables and fruits
  • Regular exercise or outdoor games should be a part of the daily routine


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