Tired At The Office? Need More Energy?

Long working hours, few breaks, even fewer hours of rest, little social life, skipped breakfast, lots of caffeine and no proper lunch. Does this describe the usual kind of working day for you?
This describes the typicalsedentarylife style of the urban population these days. Researches have proven that sedentary life style leaves one more tired than an active one. Sedentary life style along with improper diet and reduced amount of water intake rob us of the required energy and leave us feeling tired and depressed.

8 best ways to relieve stress at work are:

  1. Improve your metabolism:
    The best and sure shot way to boost your metabolism is to make eating breakfast a regular habit. Healthy breakfast options would be a handful of nuts, cottage cheese or egg or sprouts and a cereal preparation. Also taking a small walk or doing deep breathing exercises early in the day is also a great way to improve metabolism.
  2. Eat regular and healthy meals:
    Skipping meals creates a negative nutrition balance in the body as also eating fast foods or sweet fatty meals. One needs to eat regular healthy meals with lots of fibers in the form of fruits and vegetables to keep one healthy and refreshed.
  3. Hydrate your body regularly:
    Dehydration can lead to lack of concentration and sipping water can reduce tiredness and improve concentration. Caffeinated drinks may boost one up for a short while but don’t have a long lasting effect.
  4. Move around whenever possible:
    Getting up from the seat to take that file or just to meet you next cabin colleague is a good way to improve circulation and overall supply of oxygen to the body.
  5. Reduce intake of caffeine and sweetened drinks:
    Caffeinated drinks or highly sweetened beverages may give a spike in the energy level, but in reality they rob the body of necessary energy. Also they add avoidable calories in our diets, thus indirectly replacing some necessary nutrients.
  6. Increase intake of high fiber foods:
    Fresh fruits, salads and sprouts, when taken as mid meal improve nutrition status an reduce intake of caffeine and fast foods. They also help to remove the toxins from the body thus improving the metabolism.
  7. Take a short power nap, if possible:
    A short nap, if possible, will bring one back to work more refreshed and boost the energy for the rest of the day.
  8. Relieve stress and anxiety with meditation:
    Even a 5 minute meditation session can wipe away the day’s stress and frustration and bring physical and psychological health benefits.


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