8 Reasons Why You Don’t Lose Weight Despite Exercising and Diet

Are you also spending hours in exercising and controlling your taste buds, but still unable to lose weight?? What can be the reason? Is it god testing your patience or is it your professionals or dietician not able to suggest you the right diet. The answer is “No”. At times it’s your own body who do not react to the changes you bring into your routine.

People get frustrated and discouraged because of not getting desired results. No need to get disheartened instead keep some patience and talk to you professional if you’re facing any of the below mentioned problem. But remember weight loss is a complex process which require dedication and all time effort and not just a 1-2 months of diet and exercise routine.

The other reasons why you’re not able to shed those extra pounds are:

  1. Imagine you are taking a low calorie diet of about 1200 kcals or 1000 kcal and you are exercising but not losing weight! Why? The reason can be the calorie deficit diet you are taking. When you’re exercising, muscle burns more calories than fat and if the diet is too less in calories your body will burn those calories and your metabolism drops down and it will become harder to lose weight.
  2. Your hormones can be one of the reason why you’re not shedding weight. They may have an effect on how much water your body retain (especially in women).
  3. Medical problems such as PCOS. It is difficult for a woman having PCOS to shed weight because of the fat cells.
  4. You have reached a plateau. This happens with everyone, the moment your body adapt the same workout you do or overtraining yourself may slow down your metabolism and decrease the number of calories you burn. Changing some part of your exercising routine in every 2 weeks may help you attain your goal faster.
  5. Any other hormonal problem or you have a medical history or anyone in your blood relation have diabetes, PCOS, thyroid, on steroids, taking other gym supplement that have hidden steroids in it, and on any antidepressants. And remember:
  • A normal thyroid levels with medication will not affect much.
  • People having diabetes or PCOS are more prone to gain weight and it’s even more difficult for them to shed some pounds.
  1. You are starving too much or keeping long gaps in between your meals. Taking small and frequent meals is always a good idea. Keeping too much gap will ultimately stop your metabolism as your body enters the self defence mechanism where it will get signals that the body will not get food for long, so it start storing the remaining calories and fats for normal functioning.
  2. Not drinking enough water: drinking enough water boost the metabolic rate and also drinking water 30 min before meals can help prevent from eating too many calories.
  3. Not doing cardio: mostly the young generation initiate weight lifting exercises too early. Starting with cardio and gradually including the weight lifting exercises along with cardio are preferable.

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These all are some of the reasons what makes it difficult to let you lose weight but that doesn’t mean you can’t lose weight. It’s just that your body needs extra efforts and the right direction.



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